If You Care About...
  • Increasing Awareness
  • Mobilizing Supporters
  • Building Partnerships
  • Raising Funds
Take a Look! New or established, local or international, see how a free Check-in for Good Cause page can help you realize your vision.
Be social. Be mobile. Be a force for a good!
Increase Awareness Our goal is to help you gain exposure for your campaign. When you fundraise with Check-in for Good, your campaign is promoted on the web and on our mobile app.We build our campaigns around social media, so with one click you can promote your cause on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn, and so can your supporters!
Mobilize Supporters Give the people who care about your cause the tools to help you reach your mission. Check-in for Good makes the donation process simple by collecting funds on smartphones, tablets and desktops.  
Build Partnerships Activate businesses for your cause! Team up and promote the partnership. Each customer check-in at the supporting business generates a micro-donation to your cause.
Raise Funds

Raise money and collect donations by building a free, online cause page. Use our location-based, mobile technology to turn any venue, business or event into a donation hotspot!

Our custom cause pages are totally free for individuals and nonprofits. Our advanced advertising platform for businesses is free too.

3.8% + Credit Card Fees for funds raised through cause pages.
$0.15 per check-in for Check-ins at businesses.
These small fees (some of the industries lowest) are only taken out when a contribution is made. The majority of funds collected go straight to the cause.

Make It Your Own
  • Insert a logo &
    choose colors that
    match your brand
  • Tell your story
  • Upload Your
  • Add a compelling video
  • Make it Social
Getting Social

We made it simple to start promoting your campaign. By building promotional tools right in, you can share your campaign with your social media networks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Not involved on social media? No worries! Share your campaign with anyone just by sending an email. It’s easy for you and your supporters to spread the word!

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Businesses are much more receptive to what we are doing with Check-in for Good because they see it as a potential win for their company as well as a win for a good organization. When a charity has the ability to actually offer a partnership, it makes it much easier for us to fulfill our mission.”
Robert Froom, Executive Director

Some Causes who have used Check-in include:

  • Make Wish
  • The World
  • Children NW
  • Law Enforcement
  • Boy & Girl Club
  • USA Football
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