Their Passionate Supporters
Become Your Loyal Customers
Watch the Video Our social marketing platform instantly connects your business to a world of causes! Turn cause supporters into your customers with Check-in for Good.
Simple There are a number of ways to customize your Check-in for Good advertising campaign so that you are in control of your business needs.
  • Set the times and days
    customers can check-in
  • Set your ad budget
  • Choose a pledged
    amount per check-in
  • Code verification
  • Built-in promotions
    & discounts (Optional)

Guarantee positive buzz about your business! Don’t pay a cent until you receive results. Check-in for Good is changing the way you market your business to the world.

Leverage social sharing to capitalize on free advertising! When users check-in at your location, they can share their check-in and your charitable contribution on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

  • Fully integrated social
    media sharing
  • Mobile App driving
    customers in your door
  • Full reporting suite
Setting up your advertising platform is and will always be completely free. Once you’re set up, connect with a few causes and promote the program in your business. The only cost to you is the donation you make when a customer checks-in.
Raise Awareness Promote Marketing
When you align yourselves with a cause, you gain an entire, new network of supporters! Market your business as a donation hotspot so people know that you want to do good.
Engage Customers Drive Traffic
Promote the charitable partnership in store, on social media and throughout the local area to draw in potential customers who want to make a difference. When new customers come to check-in, hit them with a promotional offer or discount for their next visit!
Increase Sales Repeat Customers
By building incentives for visitors to return, whether through charitable check-ins or promotional offers, you will be able to build your own network of loyal customers who keep coming back again and again. 
Check-in for Good allows us to get a direct return on our advertising dollars. It is a very cost effective method that builds a synergy between two partnerships to increase our ability to reach our audience in a more effective way.”
Our instant social media platform connects your business to a world of causes. Our location based app technology lets you engage with customers like never before. Check-in for Good works for all business types.
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